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CEO Message

With tough challenges lying ahead of us in today’s economic environment, we believe our passion for success will lead to our company’s
ever faster growth. With clear goals set for our employees, we will create new values and deliver unsurpassed satisfaction for our partners.

Starting as “Hyosung Computer” in 1979 and reestablishing as “Nautilus Hyosung” on 2002, Hyosung TNS has been the backbone
of Korea IT business.

In today’s ever diversifying global business environment, various customer needs, and competitive market trend, Hyosung TNS has
always kept its motto,“Innovation” and “Customer-centric” in mind.

Hyosung TNS puts itself into customers' place to bring out the utmost convenience in their lives. We are a dynamic and energetic
company that pours its endless efforts on R&D to provide new technologies into the world.

With the vision to be the No.1 in IT business and to make people’s lives richer and more convenient, Hyosung TNS will ceaselessly
challenge the future. Hyosung TNS will make a new history that nobody dares to make, and listen carefully to what customers really

Please join Nautilus Hyosung in making a better future. Hyosung TNS will be your trustful partner!