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Branch Transformation

Hyosung TNS analyzed and studied banks and bank customers to break through issues facing banks today.

Banks are concerned about costs and profits as well as customer satisfaction, while customers crave special bank service available anytime anywhere.

As a solution, we chose to “change the branches.”
Hyosung TNS’s finest “Branch Transformation Solution” is the masterpiece designed to answer customers’ sophisticated needs,
while allowing banks to easily handle various environmental, policy, and cost changes caused by the solution.

Hyosung TNS’s “Branch Transformation Solution” is the way to efficiently eliminate complaints and difficulties in banking business,
and satisfy both the customers and the banks at the same time.

BRM Applied Main Model
  • Hybrid ATM

  • Video Banking Station

  • Video Banking Kiosk

  • Teller Cash Recycler

  • ITM3

  • VTM2